Who are we, even?

Oh! So you're getting married and looking for a wedding photographer? Well, look no further.

With us, you are working directly with the owners. We aren't a huge company that sends out whoever is available the day of your wedding, We're just a widdle-tiny baby company.

It's just us two, a couple of camera nerds that love documenting people's love stories. Unlike all your other vendors, we will be with you the entire day. So, we think it is extremely important that you like who you hire. Seems easy enough, right? Are we for you?

Do you like having fun and cracking jokes? Are you often told you're un-serious af? Perhaps you go to fandom conventions to emerge in your interests? Does your camera eat first? Are you serving lewks the house down? Are you 30, flirty & thriving? Have you tried the stuffed olive bites at Trader Joe's? Honestly I could go on, but you get the picture-

All the things and whatever makes you happy is what we love. We love couples that are true to themselves and know how to show it!

While the traditional classic photography style is always great, let's face it, they're sometimes boring. We want couples that aren't afraid to try something a bit different. Collaborators, willing to create dynamic and creative portraits. Photo-journalism style photography gives YOU the freedom to enjoy your day without a bunch of "stopping to pose" moments away from the fun.

Let's jump off something, dudes! Let's light some fireworks. Let's dance on tables!

Brittany Saraceno


Hey Ya'll! I'm Brittany. I've had a life long love for photography, but I absolutely adore shooting weddings. My photography background is based in editorial and photojournalism, with influences from design and contemporary art. I live for a good candid photo with genuine emotion. Give me grandpa whispering a joke into the flower girl's ear over an awkwardly forced pose, any day. I feed off authenticity and the more you are willing to show, the more emotion I can capture. I love a couple with a clear vision and enjoy collaborating with clients. So, send over the vision boards and color palettes, you definitely have a wedding consultant in me. The better I understand your vision, the easier it is for me to cater to your specific vibe.

Its all about the vibe.

Josh Roberts


Of all the hats I wear, shooting weddings is one I wear with particular honor. As a passionate photographer and ambitious adventurer, I'm enveloped with gratitude to be able to share these experiences with my clients. For me, there is no aspect of photography more challenging or rewarding than capturing the spirit of someone in their natural emotions. Weddings put that authenticity on full display. From love drenched glances to the buoyant laugher of old friends, there is so much inspiration found in these loving moments. Connecting with you on a personal level allows me to go above and beyond with my work and the level of service I provide. My photography and approach may both have an easy feel, but I don’t take the responsibility of documenting your day lightly. After all, I want you to feel comfortable. Weddings are more than a meeting of two paths, they mark the beginning of a family; your family.